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Bounce House Brawlers: Blog 4

Final Progress of Bounce House Brawl

Bounce House Brawl came a long way and has ultimately come to an end now since we have reached the end of the semester. I was the game lead for the team as well as a level designer. I'll focus more on level design in this post, but I will talk about few things I did as a project lead as well. 
Since last time I went ahead and made two more levels for the game. I showed the annotated map for one of the levels which was the jungle level and there were a few changes that went into the level. The other level I have made a map for but I haven't posted it here before.
Here is a look at the two new levels that I made:

The first jungle level I made revolves mainly around the water and logs of the level. This is a two player only map due to how hectic it would be with 4-Players. Ultimately players want to try and stay up within the top area to avoid being close to the water. However, if they are fighting and get knocked down they have a decent chan…

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